Monday, 26 September 2016

5 Halloween party ideas!

It all started back in time,
when I first watched the Hocus Pocus movie.
It was impossible to avoid the excitement of getting dresed for a party
and having fun with your friends, while drinking cider and eating toffee covered apples.
And so, the idea was generated...

Let's have a Halloween party this year, I said to my friends, and everyone said YAS with one voice!

So, if you too are thinking of organising a Halloween party here are a few ideas to follow ::

1. Get your pumpkins game on! Buy a few pumpkins from your local market and place them around the house. Bonus if you remove the top and inside to create vases and bowls for popcorn!

2. Decorate with floral wreaths. Find treasures in the woods (acorns, pine cones etc) and make the best use of them :)

3. Toffee covered apples and popcorn! Yummy.

4. Bake a seasonal treat, this recipe is simply perfect!

5. Don't forget the costumes, because what is Halloween without a bit of dressing up?

Happy Halloween!

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  1. that cake looks amazing and all your ideas are lovely:-) i didn't do anything halloween-y this year and that's a bit sad, haha! xx


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