Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's Resolutions

For 2014-->

I want to turn into a more fitness lifestyle,
with loads of healthy recipes and exercise.
*  *  *
I wish to travel more often to beautiful places,
I have never been before.
*  *  *
I hope to get dressed more girly,
and get rid of my track pants.
*  *  *
I have to learn how to cook at least five new recipes.
*  *  *
I will be happy!

What are your new year's resolutions?
Hope you all had amazing Christmas and even greater New Year's celebrations :)

Thanks for reading,

All pictures are taken via Pinterest // Edited by me

Saturday, 28 December 2013

London life #2

(find me on Instagram as @thelondoniangirl)

Hello lovely people,
Sorry it took me ages to do another 
London life post
but I got back home
to spend some quality time with family and friends,
so unplugged from all social media.
Here's a belated Christmas wish card I did for you
from some pictures I got with my camera from the streets
of central London.
Leicester square, China town, Oxford street and Seven dials in Covent Garden had a magnificent decoration.
All these lights made my heart sing and kept me company,
until I got my flight back home :)

Wish you all a fantastic new years eve and don't forget to check back for a new post!

Thanks for reading,

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Wishlist // The Fedora Hat

1. Purple contrast ribbon hat // River Island {Get it here}
2. Asymmetric hat //Topshop {Get it here}
3. Grey marl hat with bright colour ribbon // River Island {Get it here}
4. Black fedora hat // River Island {Get it here}
5. Navy ribbon trim hat // River Island {Get it here}
6. Burgundy hat // Asos {Get it here}
7. Classic fedora hat //  Asos {Get it here}

Whether it is a bad hair day,
or a little touch of something on your daily style, 
the Fedora hat is the solution to your problem.
it can magically make any outfit look
so unique and thoughtful,
while it makes your hair look just perfect!
So if you are a cute girl or
a sexy diva,
you will either way love this wishlist.

Which one is your favourite/closest to your style?


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Like a cherry!

1) Handmade burgundy beanie //Natbees - Get it for $35 here
2) Handmade thick cable burgundy bobble hat //Natbees - Get it for $35 here

Burgundy is the ultimate colour 
for winter and Christmas time. 
I much prefer it to red, as I find it more classy and timeless.
Here's another inspirational board 
and if you like it as much as I do
then why don't you get the look
by getting yourself (or friend)
a handmade burgundy beanie?


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Style Inspiration // Liz // Late Afternoon

When it comes to Liz from the Late Afternoon
there is not doubt she is one of them most stylish ladies in this planet.
I stumbled upon her blog almost at the same time I found Blaire's blog.
Gorgeous with an angelic face and an unspeakable style,
she is definitely the girl I would love to take shopping.


Monday, 16 December 2013

London life #1

Hello lovely people,
living in London sometimes can be exciting,
some others might be very VERY tiring (peak hours in the tube, ahem).
In any of these cases I decided to share from now and on
London life through my eyes.
In these posts I will share pictures that I have taken with my camera,
and places/things that I visited and loved,
all focused on interior design and decoration of course.
I am hoping that through London life 
you will see what I see and
feel like living the life of a proper
Londonian Girl (or boy)!

1. I had never tasted hot Malteser's chocolate before and I so much regret it. Thanks Poundland!
2. A gloomy morning, but, hey, does any other place look as stunning on a gloomy day?
3. Things I loved and most likely will be buying this week
{Monsieur mug // John Lewis-Get it here for £8}
{Madame mug // John Lewis-Get it here for £8}
{Big Ben bauble // Selfridges-Get it here for £5.50}
4. Posing for the latest photoshooting of our Etsy shop, I loved all the beanies mum did, but this burgundy is my favourite! The good thing for you? There is free shipping on all products!
5. Porridge, oh how much I love you in the mornings.
6. New trainer shoes for long walks by the Thames riverside. Getting motivated :)

I will be also instagraming the places that I visit, using the hashtag #thelondoniangirl
so that you can have a better inside of my life.
Follow me (@thelondoniangirl) and don't forget to use the #thelondoniangirl anytime 
you have a wonderful London picture to share with us!
I can't wait to see all your pictures!


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Decorating Ideas // Get inspired by your outfit

Light blue is such a calming colour,
perfect for your bedroom
and living room.
In combination with grey,
it makes the perfect Northern Light
outfit match.
So why don't you decorate your house
according to your outfit
and vice versa!


All images via Pinterest // Edited by me

Friday, 13 December 2013

Decorating // Last minute Christmas tips

I know how you are feeling...
...friends and family post Christmas pictures on Instagram,
happy about their decorative ideas..
and you are stuck at work/in the tube/in your car (fill accordingly)
without having the luxury
 to plan your Christmas decoration!

The Londonian Girl is on the rescue, 
so please don't panic.

I spent my afternoon searching on 
  my Pinterest Christmas board about ideas
that might be of great use
 to all of you busy Londoners (and not only).
So here you are, 
I've just saved you three hours and some pounds.

What do you think?


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My very own Instagram

Hi people,
just a quick note
to let you know
that I have just created
my very own Instagram account.
I haven't figured out yet
how this thing works
but any followers are welcome!

Thank you :)

Style Inspiration // What Olivia did

One of my most favourite
personal style bloggers
is Olivia from What Olivia did,
a British blog est. 2010.
Olivia is a very beautiful young lady
 with a vintage style wardrobe
that adds more to her sweet character. 
I also love the fact 
that she is wearing hats most of them time.
What's your favourite look of hers?


Monday, 9 December 2013

All pink, floral, girly stuff wishlist

spice natural spa jar-The Shearer candles
Christmas mug-John Lewis

With all the festivities round the corner 
and working full time
it seems like madness to go gift shopping.
Online shopping is my salvation 
and here's a wishlist
for all mummy/girlfriend/sister things.

My most favourite gift is the pair of slippers,
however I wouldn't deny
the pleasure of a cup
of Whittard's hot chocolate.

What's your favourite?


Stay warm during the cold days with a handmade beanie

We recently added some new beanies
on our Etsy shop.
I personally chose the colours.
My favourite is the mustard and the burgundy.
What's your favourite?


A fresh start..

Somedays ago,
it was the opening of the dance school
that I will be working as a Salsa, Zumba and Masala Bhangra instructor.
Many people honoured us
and came to visit the studios
as well as congratulate us for this start.
I am thankful for all the opportunities 
that have been given to me
since I started dancing.
To me dancing, is not only a hobby,
but mostly a way of living..
Find a job that you love and you'll never work a day again in your life
Do what you like the most!


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Feels like nothing else!

Total cost: £ 768.14
Some days ago my sister was tagged on Instagram 
 drinking coffee with a beautiful girl, who is also a fashion blogger.
 Her name is Wendy and without further ado, 
I clicked on her blog and came across this lovely competition
  in collaboration with Ugg Australia.  
The winner will get the chance 
to travel to Copenhagen with a friend (my sister in my case), 
and get a pair of Ugg boots and slippers! 
It was impossible to miss this opportunity so here's my entry!
Do you like it?


Feels like nothing else.

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