Saturday, 19 April 2014

Lifestyle // Thoughts about being back home

It's a funny thing about coming back home.
Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same.
You'll realize what has changed is you.
-F.Scott Fitzgerald

It feels weird lately. 
I am glad being back home, 
being re-united with my beloved sister, parents and friends,
but at the same time I have a hidden sadness
buried in my heart.

Physically I am here,
but mentally I am in London.
I miss my life, my job and my friends there,
even though I have just been away for less than ten days!

I spent last night by the beach,
drinking red wine and listening to the sound of the waves,
while trying to find an answer to my feelings.

Fitzgerald's quote seems to be the answer to my questions so far,
it is not my family that has changed, 
nor my house-everything is and feels the same.
It is me that has changed though,
I am not the same person anymore and living abroad has changed me
for the best or the worse.

Time flies quickly,
so I decided to make myself a favour and enjoy the rest of the week as much as possible,
before I have to fly back in London,
because then I will miss home and all my time here will be wasted,
Such an irony, isn't it?
Missing my home while being in my home away from home..

Do you ever feel the same?
Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Wishlist // Spring Pastel Colours

2. Skater dress // Topshop
5. Lips in Petal // Topshop
6. Make up bag // Topshop
7. Laila Butterfly Cheeky Brief // Accessorize
8. London Tray // Oliver Bonas

I am getting very excited with all the spring colours around us-have you seen the blossom trees yet?
Pastel colours are steadily making their way into the shops and having a quick stroll in Oxford street today I got plenty of inspiration to do a pastel pink-white wishlist.
The skater dress from Topshop and the pink lemonade rucksack from Grafea are by far my favourite, however I am currently lacking a London underground map tray, so who is willing to spend 27 quid for me (I will love you forever I promise).

Hope you have a lovely week!
Thanks for reading,

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Style Inspiration // Anneli Willis from What I Bought Today

Anneli is my latest girl crash. 
She has an eye for beautiful things,
best bargains and wonderful outfit compositions.
She is not your average fashion blogger when it comes to posing, 
she gets the most spontaneous pictures and this is one of the reasons I love her blog the most!
I enjoy all her posts-fashion and non fashion relevant 
and I wish I will have the chance to meet her one day in person.
Follow her blog here and get the latest fashion & outfit inspiration!

Have a great weekend!
Thanks for reading,

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wishlist // Fitflops the comfortable sandals

I was over the moon 
to be informed earlier today that I am the lucky winner of the FitFlop giveaway at Bunnipunch

I have never had a pair of Fitflop shoes
and having the chance to pick a pair of my choice 
brought a huge smile on my face!

As  it was my birthday four days ago, I thought that this pair is a surprise birthday present
and now I can't see the time for the first sunny days to come in London.

Browsing the store I came across so many lovely choices that got me overwhelmed,
so decided to do a post and introduce you my favourite twins (aka pairs of shoes with the same design but in different colours).

Which one is your favourite pair?

Oh, and in case you have been wondering I chose the YOKO sandals in black.
Hurry up Mr. Postman :)

Thanks for reading,
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