Saturday, 19 April 2014

Lifestyle // Thoughts about being back home

It's a funny thing about coming back home.
Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same.
You'll realize what has changed is you.
-F.Scott Fitzgerald

It feels weird lately. 
I am glad being back home, 
being re-united with my beloved sister, parents and friends,
but at the same time I have a hidden sadness
buried in my heart.

Physically I am here,
but mentally I am in London.
I miss my life, my job and my friends there,
even though I have just been away for less than ten days!

I spent last night by the beach,
drinking red wine and listening to the sound of the waves,
while trying to find an answer to my feelings.

Fitzgerald's quote seems to be the answer to my questions so far,
it is not my family that has changed, 
nor my house-everything is and feels the same.
It is me that has changed though,
I am not the same person anymore and living abroad has changed me
for the best or the worse.

Time flies quickly,
so I decided to make myself a favour and enjoy the rest of the week as much as possible,
before I have to fly back in London,
because then I will miss home and all my time here will be wasted,
Such an irony, isn't it?
Missing my home while being in my home away from home..

Do you ever feel the same?
Thanks for reading,


  1. That image speaks to me. The hermit life is my life, and I LOVE IT. Introvert forever.

  2. 'Home', the house you remember, will always be your home. But you have new roots now, and new adventures happening, and you are making new memories! But when you need 'true' comfort your real home will always be there! xx

  3. I understand your thoughts and the quote perfectly. I have been living away from home for over 13 years now and it's such an odd feeling coming back!

  4. your blog is amazing! thank you so much for your creative inspirations and thank you for sharing.

  5. I love how you wrote how you feel. There's no place like home <3
    Definitely following you on bloglovin ! :D I love your blog!


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