Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Jumper Day Wishlist

The Christmas jumper day
is a breath away
so thought it would be
a great idea to create a festive wishlist!
Which one is your favourite?
Did you do any shopping lately?


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Beauty and hair inspiration board

 all images taken from my Pinterest account

Why don't you try one of this hairstyles this week?
Make it happen!


Saturday, 23 November 2013


My kind of dream outfit: ripped jeans and an oversized coat :)
Happy Saturday!!!


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Decorating // The Thanksgiving Dinner table

Happy Wednesday!

Next week is the Thanksgiving day festivities,
 not so famous in the UK but definitely a day 
that our fellow Americans know how to celebrate!

I believe Thanksgiving day decoration
should be a bit more festive than the autumnal 
but not as much as during Christmas days.

Walking today through Hyde park
I realised that nature has offered us
(the wanna-be domestic Goddesses)
many beautiful
materials and ideas.... after doing a thorough search
on Pinterest this afternoon,
I found that leaves, pine cones and cinnamon sticks 
are a good way to decorate
the Thanksgiving table
without spending a fortune.

So here are my suggestions:
♥ Visit the nearest park and pick up some pine leaves, pine cones, mistletoe branches and plane leaves of different colours (red, yellow etc).

♥ Make assortments of  dried flowers, leaves and combine them together to make whimsical wreaths.

♥ Buy some cheap white candles and decorate them with cinnamon sticks and mistletoe branches. The heat of the candles will warm the cinnamon sticks and that will make your home smell like cinnamon roll bunnies and we all love these, don't we?

♥ On the dinner table use pine cones to place the guest cards, so that you let your guests know where is their sit.

♥ Hang on the walls some plane leaves of different colours attached on a string. For a more festive look, add some glitter glue on one side of them!

♥ Cut some vertical thin slices of small branches and engrave letters to synthesize a welcoming phrase. Hang your creation on the wall above your table

♥ Last but not least, use some pine leaves for decoration when wrapping your guest gifts or when writing their place guest cards.  It is a little detail, but has a great effect on the festivity feeling.

Let me know if you find these ideas useful!

P.S: All images are taken from Pinterest but I created the pairings and effects

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Orla Kiely


As a big fan of the 60's era,
I can't help it but dream about 
Orla Kiely dresses,
classic candillac cars
and vintage posters of London.
What about you?
What's your favourite decade?


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Friday, 15 November 2013

A Christmas watch story!

Once upon a time,
there was a little redhead girl, 
living in the great city of London,
who loved watches!
She found their mechanism
the most fascinating thing in the world
and so decided to spend the rest of her life
creating the most beautiful watch ever!
She started collecting contacts, coils, stems and circuits
and kept them all in a secret box under her pillow.
Until one day
that her house
was caught into fires and she was forced to evacuate her room
so quick, that she didn't have the time to collect her box.
*   *   *
Months later,
just on time for Christmas she dreamed of Santa Claus, 
asking her what would she like for Christmas.
my box , she whispered, that is all I want for Christmas...
*   *   *
On Christmas eve,
the city was covered into lights and 
people were visiting the Christmas markets,
watching the pantomimes
and buying mulled wine.
It was the happiest day of the year!
The little girl slept 
while listening to the carols tunes
and dreamed of her lost secret box.
The next day,
the city was white,
covered with a thick layer of snow, 
but that was not the reason why the little girl was smiling.
Under the tree there were Christmas presents.
Boxes wrapped in colourful paper,
writing the name of the recipient on one side.
Her box was the tiniest one,
she exclaimed 
my secret box!
Little did she know though..
When she opened her present,
her eyes lightened
and her smile was as wide as her face.
There in her tiny box,
was laying the most beautiful watch,
she had ever imagined!
A white, elegant watch,
even better than the one she was dreaming to make herself.
Santa Claus made her dream come true.
he didn't offer her the lost secret box, 
but something way better,
the most beautiful watch ever made!


P.S: This is a story for The Watch Gallery competition. All images used are through Pinterest

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Winter Shopping

Let's talk about winter shopping, shall we? 
It has been very cold lately
and creating winter clothing wishlists
is my favourite thing to do during afternoons. 
At the moment I have a thing
for black, white and grey. 
I know that the closer Christmas gets,
the more red I will be wearing,
so now is the time to enjoy wearing
as more nude and pastel colours as possible.
This coat reminds me of a white one my sister has
and I can't stop laughing
while thinking the both of us
wearing our coats,
it would be like the teddy bear family in the town!
What do you think of my wishlist? 
What do you like the most?


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Some inspiration

If I may call myself the Londonian or Londonier,
 then my sister is the Edinburghian
and is there a more beautiful city than it?
I have visited Edinburgh 
once in the past
and was mesmerised
by the beautiful buildings
and landscapes.
Knowing that my sister,
is living there
it makes me want to travel
so badly.
One day soon...


P.S: Speaking of my sister
she runs two giveaways on her blog. 
The one of them is for Topshop
so head over,
and try your luck
 it is worth it! 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Inspiration of the Day

There are somedays,
like today,
where life keeps me so busy 
that it feels like being
in a remote control.
Well if you feel like me,
then take a break,
grab a cup of tea
and start from the beginning!
Oh, and don't forget to breathe..


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Beanie, the best hair accessory

Hi friends,

A quick post to let you know that
we have added two new listings on our family Etsy shop
and when I say family shop I really mean it! 
Mum knitted these lovely beanies, 
I modelled for dad, 
who gladly took the pictures 
and my sister did the editing. 
Isn't that team work?

You can find these beanies 
along with some other wonderful crochet
 and knitted creations here
They are free shipping and
ship after 3 days of your payment receipt,
so no more cold ears!

The weather is getting 
really cold in England!
How is it in the rest of the world?
Let me know how's in your area :)


Inspirational Board of the Day

I am back home for the weekend,
spending sometime with my family
and friends.
Have a great weekend you all 
and thank you
for your lovely comments!


Saturday, 9 November 2013

Board of the Day

This boards 
sums up what is in my mind at the moment.
Sweaters, flowers,
heart shape cupcakes,
wellies for the rainy days
and lots of interior design
styling for my living room.


Friday, 8 November 2013

Harrod's Winter Wishlist

It is not often that I am given the opportunity to collaborate 
with luxury brands department like Harrod's,
so when this morning I received an email asking me to do
a wishlist with my favourite winter clothing pieces
I jumped on the opportunity!
Creating wishlists and virtual outfit sets is what I do mostly on this blog.
Had it not been my finance tight, I would have most certainly spend all my money
on  Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, Stella McCartney clutch bags and Giorgio Armani clothing. 
However, I am still a student and for the time being all I can do is dream of wearing
this pure virgin wool Giorgio Armani waterfall cardigan
I would have finished the look with a pair of elegant design ornament pumps
a minimalist clutch bag and light make up. 
Ready to concur the world and with my confidence in the highest level,
I would head to Chelsea for cocktail drinks with my best friends.
A girl can dream!


Inspirational Board of the Day

All pictures are taken via 

Its getting colder and colder
day by day.
My days are spent
in between salsa and Zumba classes
and all I can think about is 
Christmas time.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Tomorrow we are celebrating
 the birthday of a very special and close person,
 so decided to do a cake.
  Oh, I am so excited! 
Can't wait until tomorrow! 
Have a great evening you guys 

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