Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Decorating // The Thanksgiving Dinner table

Happy Wednesday!

Next week is the Thanksgiving day festivities,
 not so famous in the UK but definitely a day 
that our fellow Americans know how to celebrate!

I believe Thanksgiving day decoration
should be a bit more festive than the autumnal 
but not as much as during Christmas days.

Walking today through Hyde park
I realised that nature has offered us
(the wanna-be domestic Goddesses)
many beautiful
materials and ideas.... after doing a thorough search
on Pinterest this afternoon,
I found that leaves, pine cones and cinnamon sticks 
are a good way to decorate
the Thanksgiving table
without spending a fortune.

So here are my suggestions:
♥ Visit the nearest park and pick up some pine leaves, pine cones, mistletoe branches and plane leaves of different colours (red, yellow etc).

♥ Make assortments of  dried flowers, leaves and combine them together to make whimsical wreaths.

♥ Buy some cheap white candles and decorate them with cinnamon sticks and mistletoe branches. The heat of the candles will warm the cinnamon sticks and that will make your home smell like cinnamon roll bunnies and we all love these, don't we?

♥ On the dinner table use pine cones to place the guest cards, so that you let your guests know where is their sit.

♥ Hang on the walls some plane leaves of different colours attached on a string. For a more festive look, add some glitter glue on one side of them!

♥ Cut some vertical thin slices of small branches and engrave letters to synthesize a welcoming phrase. Hang your creation on the wall above your table

♥ Last but not least, use some pine leaves for decoration when wrapping your guest gifts or when writing their place guest cards.  It is a little detail, but has a great effect on the festivity feeling.

Let me know if you find these ideas useful!

P.S: All images are taken from Pinterest but I created the pairings and effects


  1. So many great ideas! I particularly love what you suggest to do with the pine leaves :) xx

  2. I love this idea with pine leaves the most! So different and nice! :)

  3. You have a very inspirational blog! Happy to find it :)


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