Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pink trees and blue jackets // Trespass Qikpac jacket review

It's been a while now that I have received this lovely Trespass jacket
from Surfdome, a London based company 
that offers an extensive collection of sports equipment, outdoor clothing, footwear and accessories.

To be honest living in London and wearing a unisex jacket is not something I have ever thought 
(everyone is so stylish!)
but this is a life saving piece of clothing as it can be easily packed away within a minute!
What does that mean?

Well let's say you are walking through the streets of the city
and out of the blue raindrops fall on your face 
but you are not carrying an umbrella (story of my life).

This jacket comes in a pack away tiny bag that allows you to carry it with you around 
and is so light weighted that makes it even more convenient to have it in your bag all day long!

What I loved about this jacket:
-the amazing colour
- it is a wind breaker that keeps me warm even though it is so thin
-it is quickly packed away
-it has light weight
-ideal for runners
-it has pockets and a an adjustable hood
-can be worn on top of your jacket and keep you dry
-very affordable price
-fast shipping (to be more precise very fast shipping)

Would I buy it as a gift for a friend?
...and in case you would like to check some other jackets in different colours and shapes
 have a look here!

Thanks Surfdome for the lovely gift, it has been of a great use so far!

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  1. Well that looks like the perfect spring jacket, especially for traveling!

    1. I couldnt describe it any better myself Caroline! It has turned into my second skin lately :) xx

  2. I gf actually bought this same jacket to go to a festival with last year, same colour. She didn't get on with it and the way she looked in it so she ended up giving it to charity. I thought i seemed pretty good looking for a waterproof.

    Buckets & Spades


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